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Cyril Z.

Harare, Zimbabwe2 reviews

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About Cyril

I am a Zimbabwean journalist and writer based in Harare. I mainly cover politics and business news. I have been a journalist since 1998. I am co-author of the book "Life and Times of Robert Mugabe (1980-2017)"

Top Projects

  • The Financial Gazette -- It Is The Economy Stupid!

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Feature article on how the incompetence of President Robert Mugabe's government to manage the economy served to confirm the fears that the settler government had about the African's capacity to run the country well.

  • The Financial Gazette

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Story on how how mining impoverished lives in Zimbabwe instead of enriching them.

  • This is Africa... Miffed Regime Moves to Control Social Media

    • Reporter / Journalist

    An story on the move by the Zimbabwean government to control dissenting voices through stifling the use of the social media.

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