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Eduardo L.

Miami, FL, USA

$500 - $2000 / Day

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  • Production Coordinator / Crewing

  • Non-Fiction Film Director

About Eduardo

I’m an assistant director originally from Lima Perú, I’ve recently moved to the United States and looking to make commercials and other fun stuff , I have ample experience in said business having filmed over 500 commercials with the best crews and directors in Perú and have worked with directos and crews from overseas many times creating award winning commercials for international markets. I have worked side by side with some of the most talented professionals from start to finish in the commercial process and im great at looking for references, creating treatments that will win the licitaciones, creating great work schedules and Maintaining a great rhythm and attitude on set

Top Projects

  • Calichin movie

    • Production Coordinator / Crewing

    Movie about a disgraced soccer player getting a second chance I’m a division 3 soccer team in Perú

  • Reel

    • Production Coordinator / Crewing

    Basically some clips of a couple of commercials and movies I’ve worked on

  • Cemento Andino

    • Production Coordinator / Crewing

    Cement commercial

  • Backup Helenitas

    • Production Coordinator / Crewing

    Beer commercial

  • Beto y Elena commercial / America TV

    • Production Coordinator / Crewing

    A live story between a tv character and a viewer

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  • Production Coordinator / Crewing

Production Support

  • Non-Fiction Film Director

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  • Piso20
  • Rebeca
  • Cine70
  • Rebeca
  • Siete samurai

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