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New York, NY, USA3 reviews

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About Caitlin

Former staff reporter for The Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette and New York Daily News and author of “Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail” (Portfolio, 2011), Caitlin Kelly has written for The Financial Times, Glamour, Smithsonian, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and USA Today, among others, won a Canadian National Magazine Award for humor and wrote “Blown Away: American Women and Guns” (Pocket Books, 2004). Trained at the New York School of Interior Design, she’s written for House Beautiful, Marriott magazine, ZZDriggs and others. She coaches other writers and blogs to 23,000 followers at @CaitlinKellyNYC (Twitter, Instagram)

Top Projects

  • Canadian Medicare

    • Reporter / Journalist

    This 5,000 word investigation of Canada's healthcare systems required three months' reading, reporting, research and interviews with 30 sources, focused on patients, experts, healthcare workers and policymakers at local, provincial and federal levels. As a Canadian living in the U.S., who understands both systems intimately, this story helped American readers and voters make sense of the promise of "medicare for all" and how it works, or doesn't.

  • I was asked to blog for the Lustgarten Foundation, whose goal is to end pancreatic cancer.

    • Reporter / Journalist

    For this story (one of many I wrote for them) I was asked to describe how scientists use their creativity when working to cure this deadly disease.

  • Hey, Google Take a Deep Breath

    • Reporter / Journalist

    I broke a national exclusive for The New York Times when I discovered that Google was teaching meditation to its employees -- this in 2011, long before "wellness" was such a trend. It took me six months' negotiation to lock down the story and the Times flew me, a freelancer, from my home in NY to SF to report it.

  • Q&A with Reshma Ramachandran

    • Reporter / Journalist
    Arnold Ventures

    Produced for Arnold Ventures on Storyhunter

    May 2022

  • Web story for AV.orf featuring IMAK/Tahir Amin+latest report

    • Reporter / Journalist
    Arnold Ventures

    Produced for Arnold Ventures on Storyhunter

    September 2022

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  • Content Strategist
  • Translator

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Caitlin's Clients

  • The American Prospect
  • Lustgarten Foundation
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Arnold Ventures

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