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Michael R.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

$250 - $500 / Day

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Top Services

  • Production Company

  • Transcriber

  • Video Editor - Documentary



  • Full HD video camera
  • Multiple cameras
  • DSLR or equivalent


  • External recorder
  • Wireless lavalier mic
  • Shotgun mic


  • Lighting kit
  • Live streaming equipment

About Michael

I am a multimedia journalist based in Vancouver. I hold a bachelors of science degree in biology and earned a masters degree in journalism from University of British Columbia. My work has appeared in National Observer, the Globe and Mail, the Tyee, Toronto Star, Vice, and on television for the Discovery Channel. I have always loved video production, I grew up with video, and my best teachers have been documentaries on television. I look to evoke all of the senses in my creations in order to immerse viewers completely in a new world.

Top Projects

  • Has your clothing destroyed orangutan habitats?

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • On-Air Reporter / Host
    • Video Editor - News
    • Video Editor - Documentary
    • Transcriber
    • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist
    • Reporter / Journalist

    In this video, we learn about the clothing material known as Rayon, and how the production of this material is leading to the destruction of rain forests around the world. For this project, I was a one-man-team: I set up the interview and locations, set up the cameras for a two camera shoot, was the on-air host, script wrote, produced and edited.

  • Stanley Park Great Blue Herons

    • Production Company

    The great blue herons of Stanley Park are unique -- they are the only colony living in Metro Vancouver. And being so close to humans, cars, and construction means that special conservation measures are put in place to keep them safe.

  • The Evolution of Shark Teeth

    • Production Company

    When you think of sharks, one of the first things you imagine are their teeth. But just how did that beautiful smile evolve in the first place? In a video that I produced for Discovery Channel's "Shark Week", I aim to give an answer to that question.

  • How do we be together | A Roundtable on Art, Memory, and Responsibility

    • Production Company

    On Wednesday, February 8th 2017, a Roundtable on Art, Memory, and Responsibility was hosted by the First Nations House of Learning, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, and the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia. This event features performances and reflections from artists and scholars to generate public dialogue on questions of responsibility.

  • Burlesque | Body Positivity and Subversive Power

    • Production Company

    Here, we enter into the world of burlesque dancing to learn about how this revealing art-form is actually about feminism and body positivity — our central character is an electrifying woman known as JungleKat.

All Services


  • Full-Service 360 Production
  • Creative Director
  • Fixer
  • Production Company

Production Support

  • 360 Commercial Video
  • 360 Documentary Video
  • 360 News Video
  • Full-Service Live Production
  • HD Live Operator
  • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist
  • Field Producer
  • TV News Producer
  • Production Assistant
  • Audio Storyteller
  • On-Air Reporter / Host
  • Commercial DP
  • Documentary DP
  • Mobile Journalist / Livestreamer
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist
  • Reporter / Journalist


  • Video Editor - Commercial
  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Video Editor - News
  • Transcriber

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