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Abdul S.

Lund, Sweden

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Freelance researcher and analyst based in Sweden, covering Af-Pak and South Asian politics, and security with a focus on VEOs and Jihadism. M.Sc, Political Science (Sweden) B.Sc, Peace and Development Studies; International Relations. (Sweden)

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Top Projects

  • The differences within the Afghan Taliban regarding the ban on girls' education

    • Reporter / Journalist

    The differences within the Afghan Taliban regarding the ban on girls' education

  • The dynamics of the upcoming battle between the Taliban and Daesh-K

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Salafis in Afghanistan dominate Daesh-K, but not all Salafis support them. That could change if the battle becomes a larger battle between Hanafis and Salafis in Afghanistan.

  • Where is al-Qaeda standing two decades later the 9/11 attacks?

    • Reporter / Journalist

    My latest for @BBCUrdu, on the al-Qaeda shifts from transnational terrorism to localization strategy, its post-9/11 expansion in the AfPak region, the failures and success of GWoT in countering it, and what were the AQ strategies against it?

  • How Are the Taliban Organized?

    • Reporter / Journalist

    My latest for @VOANews on the Taliban leadership, organization, and bureaucracy? How it evolved in the last two decades constituting its "shadow government" which is now ready to operate as an actual state government.

  • The killing of Afghan Salafist leader Shaikh Abu Ubaidullah Mutawakil in Kabul

    • Reporter / Journalist

    My detailed report for @BBCUrdu on this week's mysterious brutal murder of a leading Afghan Salafist scholar, Shaikh Ubaidullah Mutawakil in Kabul. Who was Mutawakil and his "connections" to ISKP? An insight into the Salafist-Sufists sectarian rivalry in Afghanistan.

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