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Darrin W.

Tucson, AZ, USA

$500 - $500 / Day

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  • Sound Designer

  • Sound Mixer



  • Wireless lavalier mic
  • Shotgun mic

About Darrin

I am a location sound mixer, sound designer, and live music audio engineer. I have always felt that positioning myself in as many areas of the audio field as possible would offer the most flexibility, enjoyment, and improved skillsets. So far that has proven to be accurate! In doing so, I have discovered that I enjoy location sound and sound design the most. Not to mention, I have met and worked with so many incredibly talented people along the way. I am college educated, field tested, own my equipment (know how to use it), and share a passion for creativity. Equipment: Anything you need. If you have any questions about my Post Production setup, feel free to ask! In addition, if you'd like to hire me for live sound I am also available for that! Let's get to work.

Top Projects

  • Tiny Homes For Campfire Survivors

    • Sound Designer

    Post Production and Sound Design. Documentary about recovery, survival, and community. It is being prepped for release so I do not have a link for this one yet but I've provided the creator's webpage link.

  • CC Dances the Go Go

    • Sound Mixer

    Sound Mixer on Day 2 of shooting. This link is to the director's webpage featuring CC Dances the Go Go.

  • Waiting For Vienna

    • Sound Designer

    A short film about loss. I chose this section because it is the most dense in terms of sound design. Yet, it is not my favorite part. If you'd like to see the entire film I can send a link through email!

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  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Mixer

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