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Jakarta, Indonesia3 reviews

$500 - $3000 / Day

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  • Documentary DP

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  • Production Company

  • Grip



  • DSLR or equivalent
  • 4K video camera
  • Full HD video camera
  • Multiple cameras
  • Drone


  • External recorder
  • Shotgun mic
  • Wireless lavalier mic


  • Lighting kit
  • Sliders
  • Stabilizer

About Juventus

Gembong Nusantara is a documentary filmmaker and photographer focusing on socioeconomic, human rights and environmental issues. Studied photojournalism at Ateneo de Manila University and Danish School of Media and Journalism. Gembong has covered significant events such as the natural disaster of the Merapi volcano eruption, the Middle East refugees tragedy in Indonesia fleeing to Australia, Jakarta's economy booming and hidden stories like mental health problems in Indonesia, children born with different abilities caused by viruses and malnutrition. His works have been published in Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Society Magazine, Internazionale, Wall Street Journal, Time, New York Times, The Diplomat, Get Lost, and many other international publications. He has been commissioned by international organisations; such as World Animal Protection, USAID, International Republican Institute, International Monetary Fund, IRENA etc.

Top Projects

  • Organic During Pandemic

    • Documentary DP
    • Drone Operator
    • Field Producer

    Since Covid-19 hit Indonesia in March 2020, the economy plummeting to its lowest level. Many businesses stopped operating and some had to permanently closed. People live in uncertainty. In Quarter III 2020, Indonesia fall into recession. The economic sustainability power in Indonesia relies on informal sector of low-middle class. On the foot of Mount Merbabu, a farmer's collective actually harvesting significant benefit from their collective organic farm. By planting multi crops organically and in rolling basis, they can harvest it every day to meet the demand for healthy vegetables. Their sales surge triple during the pandemic. This work was supported by the National Geographic Society.

  • Day in the Life

    • Documentary DP
    • Drone Operator

    BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions produced the video for the International Council of Nurses telling the stories of nurses' inspiring work, from rural America to the urban-poor setting of Jakarta, the community served by Rachel House nurses. The camera followed nurse Rina as she goes about her day as a homecare nurse, providing love and care for her patients, many of whom would have been bereft of medical care at home and social assistance without her dedication and commitment. "Being a nurse for me is being a part of my patient and the family so that I can truly feel their suffering." Said Rina, who has been a palliative care nurse for 13 years.

  • Perspectives on the future from Southeast Asia's next generation

    • Documentary DP
    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Field Producer
    International Monetary Fund

    Produced for International Monetary Fund on Storyhunter

    September 2018

  • Evacuating and caring for animals in the deadly shadow of Mount Sinabung

    • Documentary DP
    • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist
  • Vaccinate Rabies Dog in Bali and Flores

    • Documentary DP
    • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist

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  • Production Company
  • Creative Director
  • Translator

Production Support

  • News Shooter / Video Journalist
  • Documentary DP
  • Corporate Videographer
  • Drone Operator
  • Non-Fiction Film Director
  • Field Producer
  • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist


  • Video Editor - News
  • Video Editor - Commercial
  • Video Editor - Documentary

Juventus' Clients

  • World Animal Protection
  • International Monetary Fund
  • VOA Africa
  • Euronews