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Stephanie D.

Austin, TX, USA

$500 - $2000 / Day

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About Stephanie

A journalist, a lawyer, SEO expert, and technology enthusiast, Stephanie Dube Dwilson is one of the top writers for, receiving 2 million views monthly on average for breaking news, politics, and entertainment pieces. She also writes lifestyle and pet ownership pieces for companies ranging from Comfort Zone to Meow Mix, covered healthcare topics for United Concordia, Anthem, and more, and written legal white papers for companies like Anaqua.

Top Projects

  • Adam Curtis Williams, Suspect in the James & Michelle Butler Missing Case (

    • Reporter / Journalist

    I reported on the story of James and Michelle Butler, who went missing in Texas, and reported on the suspect in their disappearance, Adam Curtis Williams.

  • Aaron Dean: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    • Reporter / Journalist

    A profile on Aaron Dean, the police officer who shot Atatiana Jefferson.

  • Fox News -- Is Mars One Real or Just Science Fantasy?

    • Reporter / Journalist

    I wrote this investigative piece for Fox News about Mars One.

  • Anthem Healthcare -- Why Vaccines Are Critical to Workplace Wellness

    • Reporter / Journalist

    I write a series of articles about workplace wellness for Anthem Healthcare.

  • Business Week -- Online Verification: Who Can You Trust in the Virtual World?

    • Reporter / Journalist

    I wrote this article for Business Week.

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  • Digital Content Creator
  • Reporter / Journalist

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