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Martin T.

Prague, Czechia5 reviews

$300 - $700 / Day

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  • Documentary DP

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  • News Shooter / Video Journalist

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  • Corporate Videographer

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  • Full HD video camera
  • DSLR or equivalent
  • 4K video camera
  • Drone


  • Shotgun mic
  • External recorder


  • Lighting kit
  • Stabilizer

About Martin

Martin Trabalik is a Czech documentarist based in Prague. In his work, he focuses on social and humanitarian issues. In January 2016 he volunteered during the European refugee crisis in Greece becoming interested in photography in the process. Since then he has worked on several projects in Nagorno-Karabakh, Donbash, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other areas. In the year 2018, he was awarded UNGRC and Czech Press Photo prize in the category Problems of our age for covering the Rohingya's expulsion from Myanmar. In 2021 he directed and produced documentary movie Incendios about forest fires in Bolivia which was awarded Best Documentary Feature at the International Film Festival in La Paz. Awards: 2018 - Czech Press Photo - UNHCR Award 2018 - Czech Press Photo – 1. first place in Problems of our Age 2019 - Chromatic Awards – Photojournalism Honorable mention 2021 - FICLAPAZ - Incendios - Best documentary Feature

Top Projects

  • Republika Srpska

    • Documentary DP
    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Drone Operator
    • Colorist

    The idea behind the project was to create an audiovisual map of nationalism in Europe. It doesn’t seem like a near future, but the current situation in Catalonia (as of 2018) raises a necessary question: Is this an isolated case or is the Union only witnessing the birth of the first cracks? The reality is that most European countries deal with the desire for self-determination of one or more of their regions; and the economic crisis, the increase of immigration and, above all, media attention in this regard, has translated into growing support for nationalist parties and movements and has revived old enmities. Almost all the States of the continent are home to one or several regionalist movements that over time can rearrange the geopolitical space. The documentary wants to echo voices normally inaudible in the media that may have much to say in the future of Europe. The Spanish example has already shown that trying to silence them is not the solution.

  • Scientific video series production - 1 day shooting

    • Documentary DP
    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    Produced for APZmedia on Storyhunter

    May 2022

  • CNN Decoded Documentary Prague

    • Documentary DP

    Providing shots from Prague office of Somnium Space

    Produced for CNNI Newsgathering on Storyhunter

    August 2022

  • Afghanistan on the way to peace

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    A reportage about withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan.

  • Beast Buddies

    • Documentary DP

    Barcroft Media was looking for the cameraman in the Czech Republic to shoot visual material and conduct interviews with people that keep pets that are generally considered wild and dangerous. Since it was my first time shooting with "wild" animals, it was challenging, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward for further projects!

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  • Executive Producer
  • Fixer
  • Production Company

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  • Non-Fiction Film Director
  • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Production Assistant
  • Corporate Videographer
  • Documentary DP
  • Drone Operator
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist
  • Reporter / Journalist


  • Colorist
  • Video Editor - Documentary

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