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Aboubacrine A.

Kidal, Mali

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About Aboubacrine

Graduated in Public Law and French Language and Literature, I have started my career as Video Journalist collaborating with Reuters Television in North of Mali. Based in Kidal, the stronghold of the Tuareg rebellion, I actually cover news and feature stories for Reuters Television, which are largely distributed by TV channels worldwide. Native in Tamasheq (Tuareg language), I am also perfectly bilingual in French and English. In my role of Video Journalist, I shoot, edit and produce my stories and I can adapt to any format requested by broadcasters worldwide. Seized by Islamists in 2012, the region I cover is unaccessible to international journalists due to the ongoing armed conflict which led to the intervention of the French forces and the establishment of an UN Peacekeeping operation.

Top Projects

  • After five years without schooling due to lack of security in northern and central Mali, hundreds of children returned to school in the desert town of Kidal, stronghold of Tuareg separatist rebels REUTERS TV -- Africa Daily

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    Hundreds of children returned to school in the northern desert town of Kidal, after years of conflict involving rival Tuareg armed groups and Islamist militants. For the past five years more than 150,000 children were unable to go to school due to a lack of security in northern and central Mali.

  • Several protests against the French military operation Barkhane have stormed for several days the city of Kidal, a town at the center of Tuareg separatist movement in the desert zone of northern Mali REUTERS TV - Africa Daily

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    The mainly women protesters, demanded the departure of the French forces following a military operation in the city. Many women widowed by the recent conflict between rival Tuareg groups are trying to survive by gardening in this desert zone which lack water. Many others have fled the region.

  • Caught in the Malian conflict, a Tuareg village fight for school survival - Documentary project

    • Field Producer

    In 2012 the population of Intachdayt, a Tuareg village in the desert of North Mali decided to create a school with their own means. Caught in the Malian conflict, the school struggles to survive.

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