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Juan G.

Miami, FL, USA

$1000 - $2000 / Day

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About Juan

Hello! I go by my middle name Carlos. I started off in this industry primarily as an editor but quickly took interest in capturing stories of people on the field. As my career advanced I found myself working in advertising as a freelance editor by day and on weekends,downtime, or night--Color grading music videos, documentaries/features and commercials as well as acquiring a great deal of experience shooting them. I love working on smaller productions where things are more intimate and free flow. Definitely head to my website and check out all the categories featuring the many facets of my work.

Top Services

  • Documentary DP

  • Video Editor - Commercial

  • Colorist

Top Projects

  • The Road to the Nationals: A Latino Youth Soccer Story--This short documentary/branded content is viewable on Sprint's Youtube Channel

    • Documentary DP

    This project captures the story of a team of young latino's from Kansas City. They come together as a team to overcome every obstacle on their journey to the U.S. Youth Soccer Nationals. While filming this story you get a sense of how much the families sacrifice to get their kids to games and practice as well as cross country tournaments.

  • Color Reel

    • Colorist

    Here is a demo of some of the work I have done as a Colorist.

  • Commercial Editorial Reel

    • Video Editor - Commercial

    Demo Reel

  • Aired on PBS in Detroit Acres of Diamonds: The Story of the Knight Arts Challenge in Detroit

    • Documentary DP
    • Field Producer

    This project won a local Emmy Award. From storytellers on stage to bluegrass jam sessions and a Hip Hop Mardi Gras parade, Detroit’s grassroots arts scene is part of the creative momentum driving the future of Detroit. This new documentary explores the impact of these artists and the Knight Arts Challenge, which is fueling many of their ideas. “Acres of Diamonds: The Story of the Knight Arts Challenge in Detroit” follows the projects of local artists after they receive challenge funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to make their ideas to reality. They include Haleem Rasul, who is intent on reviving Detroit’s 70s dance craze The Jit; Complex Movements, a collaborative that meshes art and technology for an immersive experience; LO & BEHOLD! Records and Books, an independent store that hosts live music events; Mt. Elliott Makerspace, which joined with two other local groups for the Hip Hop Mardi Gras Parade; and the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, which produces lives events of Detroiters’ true stories.

  • Screwball

    • Colorist

    Billy Corben's true-crime dramedy investigates the MLB's infamous doping scandal involving a nefarious clinician and his most famous client: the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez.



  • 4K video camera


  • External recorder
  • Wireless lavalier mic
  • Shotgun mic


  • Lighting kit
  • Stabilizer
  • Shoulder rig

All Services


  • Production Company
  • Immersive/Spatial Video Capture

Production Support

  • Documentary DP


  • Colorist
  • Video Editor - Commercial
  • Video Editor - Documentary


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