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Jorge T.

San Salvador Cuauhtenco, CDMX, Mexico

$200 - $300 / Day

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About Jorge

I am an independent audiovisual producer with experience in the production of series and cultural reports on traditions, indigenous groups, archaeological zones, human rights and freedom of expression. For more than 20 years I have collaborated with channel 11, channel 22, EDUSAT, and television with reports, documentaries and series that describe from the physical space (landscape, environment) to social conditions (marginalization, poverty, addictions) of diverse Communities. I have had the opportunity to travel the Mexican Republic from the northern area where the Seris, Tarahumaras and Hucholes live to the south where the descendants of the Maya still live. Work for the Latin American Institute of Educational Communication (ILCE) in the design of the series of towns of Mexico, rivers of Mexico and the stories of the tlacohache where a good amount of the new stories that are lived in Mexico are documented.

Top Projects

  • Raíces musicales. Ramiro R Duarte. Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicación Educativa

    • Creative Director

    Ramiro Duarte is a musician who recovers the instruments and sounds that were heard among the peoples of Mesoamerica. With them you can appreciate how nature (wind, water, song of birds, sounds of birds flying, etc.) can become music.

  • Cultura y Medio Ambiente. Día Mundial de la Tierra

    • Creative Director

    World Earth Day recognizes the level of knowledge that ancestral peoples had in all fields of science, as we conceive it in this 21st century but which many inhabitants of the planet ignore and is the reason why those who Belong to native peoples like the Mayas, Hñahñus, Nahuatls.

  • Pueblos de México: El Pueblito. Instituto lIatinoamericano de la Comunicación Educativa

    • Creative Director

    In this place, located in the municipality of Corregidora, Querétaro, towards the end of January the entire community participates in a party that allows to develop the sense of identity and belonging. Beyond the apparent reverence to the Virgin of the sanctuary of the place, the party defends the idiosyncrasy of a town able to adapt to the changes of the times without forgetting its roots.


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  • Documentary DP


  • Sound Mixer

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