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Kevin H.

Fayetteville, AR, USA1 review

$300 - $600 / Day

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Top Services

  • Production Company

  • Creative Director

  • Documentary DP



  • 4K video camera
  • Drone
  • Multiple cameras


  • External recorder
  • Shotgun mic


  • Sliders
  • Lighting kit

About Kevin

Picked up a camera to create art and pay the bills. So far so good! I'm easy-going, dependable and I'll get the job done.

Top Projects

  • Unilever Global Summit 2018

    • Production Company

    Filmed a Global Summit video for a company called Unilever this past August. There were 2 videos produced. The first was a recap video to be played at the end of the week for the members of the summit. I recorded each day then went home each night to edit. The second video (linked above) was created a couple weeks after the conclusion of the event for sending to the company's upper management.

  • Bentonville Christian Academy Promo

    • Production Company

    Filmed various school activities/events over the course of 2 months then created a video. The school wanted a video to show to prospective parents of the school.

  • Pappanastos Wedding Video

    • Production Company

    Filmed the ceremony and reception. Edited the video.

  • Arkansas Fashion Council 2018 Recap

    • Creative Director

    A short video highlighting some of the programs the Arkansas Fashion Council, a Fayetteville-AR based non-profit, completed during the 2018 year. *This includes clips that were commissioned but not filmed by myself and the organization*

  • Alspaw Wedding Video

    • Production Company

    Filmed all day, edited the video.

All Services


  • Creative Director
  • Fixer
  • Production Company

Production Support

  • Commercial DP
  • Documentary DP


  • Video Editor - Commercial
  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Video Editor - News

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