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Manny M.

Tulsa, OK, USA

$1000 - $2500 / Day

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About Manny

Manny Marquez grew up in Oklahoma, and is of Mexican and Native American decent. He’s a voting member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma. His parents were small business owners. Their dedication and work ethic, combined with his faith and ethnic background, are all elements Manny has brought to his filmmaking. He studied film at the Art Center College of Design. It was here Manny deepened his love for cinema, and it convinced him that every day people with a story to tell were where he needed to train his camera. Manny now lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife and four children. He directs short-form documentaries for an array of clients ranging from pharmaceutical companies, financial firms, breweries, and beyond. He also directs broadcast commercials and music videos. His feature film Psychopath was released in 2014, and his award winning short film Operation Allie was runner up at the 2018 Big Sky Documentary Festival, and selected for the the GI Film Festival San Diego. Manny is currently developing his next feature documentary.

Top Services

  • Non-Fiction Film Director

  • Documentary DP

Top Projects

  • CASE IH / Romania

    • Documentary DP
    • Non-Fiction Film Director

    Part of a seven part series for CASE IH. Shot all over the world.

  • Covidian / Lin Lee

    • Documentary DP
    • Non-Fiction Film Director

    Lin Lee is a rep for Covidian. The products she sells really hit home when she loses a friend to the illness she's trying to help treat.

  • Case IH / Sugarcane

    • Documentary DP
    • Non-Fiction Film Director

    CASE IH are the world's leader in making sugar cane harvesters. This film follows their history from Australia to Brazil.

  • GE Healthcare - The Watch

    • Documentary DP
    • Non-Fiction Film Director

    Traveling to St. John's hospital in Bruges to learn about GE Health's Dose Watch.

  • XVII Carvings (short)

    • Documentary DP
    • Non-Fiction Film Director

    Short film about Marine Corps veteran Anthony Marquez, and his quest to create a memorial for the 17 fellow Marines that his unit lost in Afghanistan. Anthony is doing this by carving with chainsaws a "Battlefield Cross," for every Gold Star family affected by that loss. He then hand delivers the carvings to the families. To some, this may just be folk Anthony its his new mission in life, to honor the fallen.



  • 4K video camera

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Production Support

  • Non-Fiction Film Director
  • Documentary DP

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