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Huma K.

Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

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Based in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, Huma Khawar has 25 years of well-rounded media experience; working as an independent journalist and consultant, contributing articles and features to newspapers and periodicals on health and environment with special emphasis on women and children. She has been working on advocacy and communication with international partners, multilateral and bi-lateral agencies and Pakistani media. She also imparts training to media and health workers on topics pertaining to Health and Environment. Huma has been supporting Pakistan’s Immunization Program to generate demand for immunization, clear misconceptions and increase vaccine uptake. She strives to find links between issues like vaccine hesitancy and awareness and engages with civil society organizations to mobilize communities to reach under immunized and zero dose children in hard to reach areas and urban slums. With the journalist’s background she has the opportunity to translate data into stories that have an impact. She can be reached at x

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