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Sajad S.

İstanbul, Türkiye

62 reviews

$150 - $300 / Day

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About Sajad

Creative and multitalented Graphic Designer/Art director with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing, and print design. Great in collaborative and interpersonal skills; Great team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities. Multiple award winner with experience of working with companies and teams all around the world.

Top Reviews

  • November 2022

    Sajad designed a paper flyer to show off our documentary film series. He worked quickly off of a model we sent. We did several rounds of adjustments. Sajad was easy to work with. We were very happy with the end result.

    - Lauren from VOA Office of Programming

  • January 2022

    Sajad is awesome to work with. He created exceptional on-brand templates for our social media channels that are garnering tons of engagement.

    - Shivan from Storyhunter Stories

  • February 2022

    Sajad is a pleasure to work with and his creative designs have elevated Storyhunter's social media channels and marketing campaigns.

    - Shivan from Storyhunter Stories

Top Services

  • Graphic Designer

    52 reviews
  • Motion Graphics Designer

    10 reviews
  • Art Director

Top Projects

  • Art Director

    • Graphic Designer
    • Art Director

    Overlooking all the design related projects and works within the team. Successfully managing to create a new visual identity based on the the MigrationJam's core concept and past events/activities and future goals. Implementing that identity through online(social media, web, etc) and print designs. Working hand in hand with other team members.

  • Art Director

    • Graphic Designer
    • Art Director

    Creating a brand new visual identity. Bringing that identity to all social media platforms via templates(that are still currently being used) and special designs. Overlooking all the art and design related projects in the organization and holding multiple design workshops on 'becoming a successful graphic designer'.

  • Thumbnail for 52 Documentary

    • Graphic Designer

    For the Oceam documentary cover design

    Produced for VOA Office of Programming on Storyhunter

    June 2022

  • Looking for graphics designer to create Storyhunter infographics

    • Graphic Designer

    Infographic design for Storyhunter Select

    Produced for Storyhunter Stories on Storyhunter

    December 2021

  • storyhunter gfx for january

    • Graphic Designer

    Creating design templates based on different contents for Storyhunter's social media platforms.

    Produced for Storyhunter Stories on Storyhunter

    January 2022



  • DSLR or equivalent

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  • Art Director
  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Producer

Production Support

  • Digital Content Creator


  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Motion Graphics Designer

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