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Coletta W.

Nairobi, Kenya

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About Coletta

I am a journalist with over 13 year experience . My focus has mainly been television production. I have produced content for CGTN , South Africa Broadcasting Corporation, Newsy( Based in US ),PBSNews Hour ( Based in US ) , DW Germany radio and Television among other media . I have done stories in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia,South Sudan, Central African Republic, South Africa, Rwanda, Senegal, Morocco ad Sychelles. I am accredited to the African Union commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa .

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  • Social Media Producer

    2 reviews
  • Reporter / Journalist

  • Field Producer

Top Projects

  • Illegal Migration in Ethiopia

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • Field Producer

    A Story of how illegal migration has affected communities in remote areas of Ethiopia . The desire for wealth doesn't always turn to a happy story for some. I wrote the article as a consultancy for UNICEF Ethiopia .

  • Protracted Conflict in Northern Ethiopia

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • Field Producer

    Allegations of ethnic cleansing that began in November 2020, amid a military crackdown in northern Ethiopia's Tigray region now threaten to engulf the surrounding areas and permanently tarnish the reputation of the country’s nobel prize-winning prime minister. Thousands are dead, tens of thousands have been displaced, and the Ethiopian government is on the defensive.

  • South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia maintain Tradition

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Refugees from South Sudan living in camps in Ethiopia are trying to hold on to their society's structures and uphold their traditional values, despite the challenging conditions. A council of elders continues to meet daily and receive cases from people - much as they would do back home

  • Ethiopian woman delves into traditionally male-dominated taxi industry

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Ethiopia is slowly introducing a new set of private taxi companies which a number of women are hoping to take advantage of. Phone and online services are opening up the market -- traditionally dominated by men. CGTN's Coletta Wanjohi met one woman in Addis Ababa, who has decided to get behind the wheel to make her own money.

  • Free Home For Vulnerable Visually Blind

    • Reporter / Journalist

    An organization in Ethiopia is offering shelter to single mothers who are visually impaired. Many of these women are homeless.

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  • Social Media Producer

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  • Field Producer
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist
  • Reporter / Journalist


  • Video Editor - Commercial
  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Video Editor - News

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