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Muna H.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

$100 - $300 / Day

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Top Services

  • Social Media Producer

  • Senior Producer / Project Manager

  • Fixer

Top Projects

  • How did Omar al-Bashir come to power?

    • Social Media Producer

    Biographical video about former Sudanese leader Omar Hassan al-Bashir. The story of his rise to power until the end of his rule.

  • Andalusiat

    • Senior Producer / Project Manager

    A short documentary series from Spain covering various topics on the culture, history and cultural heritage of Spain and the Moro.

  • Who is Jacinda Ardern and how did she manage the New Zealand crisis?

    • Social Media Producer

    This is An analytical political video covering the steps taken by Jacinda Ardern in managing the country's crisis after the unfortunate events in a mosque that resulted in the killing of Muslims.

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  • Fixer
  • Senior Producer / Project Manager
  • Podcast Producer
  • Social Media Producer

Production Support

  • TV News Producer
  • Reporter / Journalist

Muna's Clients

  • AJ  Arabic
  • AJ+ Arabic
  • Al Jazeera

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