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Alex R.

Boulder, CO, USA

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About Alex

Hi! I’m a skilled and enthusiastic filmmaker, video editor, and photographer with 5+ years of experience making documentary and narrative short films. A compassionate storyteller with a love for outdoor adventure, conservation, wildlife photography, comedy, music videos, you name it, I’ve dipped my toes in almost everything. And I’m just getting started! I’ve worked as a PA, Grip, AC across various commercial and documentary film sets. I’ve also directed and edited comedy sketches, parodies, music videos, edited award-winning 48 hour film festival pieces, and had my work screened at multiple festivals. After an intense stint doing stand-up comedy, coupled with four years of acting and directing in college student theater, I turned my interests toward the screen. These experiences gave me a profoundly keen eye for emotional performances and comedic timing that have fostered my ability to inject both levity and depth into my film work. I now live and work remotely from Boulder, CO and travel often for work. I am highly skilled in editing in Adobe Premiere Pro with experience in DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom. I’m eager to get to know you and take your vision or projects to the next level!

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  • Documentary DP

    2 reviews
  • Video Editor - Documentary

  • Video Editor - Commercial

Top Projects

  • Catching the most dangerous thing in space | Just Might Work by Freethink

    • Video Editor - Documentary

    More than 8,000 tons of dangerous space debris orbit Earth. Can we clean up space before it’s too late? This explainer-style short documentary explores the ESA's efforts to use cutting-edge robotic technology to clean up space debris in our low-Earth orbit.

  • Vertical farms could take over the world | Hard Reset by Freethink

    • Video Editor - Documentary

    Vertical farming saves water, land, and energy — and it could be how we grow food on Mars. This explainer-style documentary short explores cutting edge vertical farming technology, profiling Plenty, an indoor vertical farming company aimed at combating food insecurity and nutrition across the country.

  • Is DMT the best new treatment for depression? | Just Might Work by Freethink

    • Video Editor - Documentary

    Psychedelic therapy could bring the ancient healing powers of drugs like DMT into mental health clinics.

  • The Mountain Guide (Outdoor Adventure Short Doc)

    • Video Editor - Documentary

    Pete Lardy, owner of Pikes Peak Alpine School, attempts to earn one of the world’s most elite international mountain guiding certifications. In order to do this, he has to demonstrate significant guiding experience in three main disciplines; rock, alpine, and ski. With the highest levels of certification already achieved in the rock and the alpine, all Pete needs to become internationally certified is to pass the final ski exam. So, at the age of 40 years old, he starts to learn how to ski…

  • Puerto Rico: Citizens in Peril

    • Video Editor - Documentary

    In September, 2017, Hurricane Maria swept through the Atlantic Ocean, barreling through the island of Puerto Rico, and causing unprecedented damage across the region. “Puerto Rico: Citizens in Peril” explores the socioeconomic devastation left in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria through its attempts to document the environmental, economic, and emotional toll of this catastrophic storm.



  • 4K video camera
  • DSLR or equivalent


  • Stabilizer

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