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Tokyo, Japan

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About Makiko

Makiko Segawa Producer/Fixer Japan Fixers & Journalists Network( Founder and director 07/2012 -Today ● Fixing media's requests and oversea companies' clients’ needs ●News producing work as a local producer, fixer, crew matching for TVs, Radio and magazines ●Researching work for domestic and oversea media clients. ● Managing a network of videographers, journalists and fixers in Japan for oversea and domestic clients. ●Making an in depth investigation for clients' needs ●Writing and editing articles in Japanese The Wall Street Journal Japan News Room Editorial Assistant 10/2009-06/2012 ●Research on the subject of breaking news ●Arranging appointments and managing schedule for correspondents ●Translating/interpreting for correspondents ●Film a short story Sankei Newspaper (産経新聞) News Reporter 04/2006-08/2008 ●Reporting news story on a daily basis about criminal cases, cultural events, social problems at Maebashi City Bureau Office in Gunma Prefecture ●Writing a series of featured stories of classic musicians at a music magazine titled with “Mostly Classic” published by Sankei Newspaper Education Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan 04/2002-03/2006 Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, Liberal Art Achievements/Media Relation ●Press Tour Senior Specialist for Tokyo Metropolitan Government targeted on oversea media-Olympic Hosting City Story in June 2014 ●Press Event Coordinator for Boris Johnson, a then mayor of London in Oct 2015 at UK Embassy ●JNTO & JTB Foreign Media Press Tour Coordinator in Shikoku in 2017 With a guest of An Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Mireia Belmonte Garcia (Spain) ●Oversea Media Press Tour Organizer, for Ishikawa Prefecture in September 2019 ● BBC World Question-Event Coordinator at Keio University, Tokyo in September 2019 Achievements/Media Production ●Books: 『3.11 噂と真実—誰も書かなかった1年 東日本大震災』(2012年辰巳出版)(” 3.11 Rumors and Truth:Stories Noboday Wrote-East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami” a book published by Tatsumi company in 2012-Writer) 『日本が“世界一”を守り抜く戦略』 Strategies for keeping Japan No.1-Japan 2030 Future Map published in Nov 2019 (Translator and edit)

Top Reviews

  • June 2022

    Thank you Makiko san. She worked fast and efficient to help set up 3 video shoots in Kyoto for a business story. Would like to work together again in the near future!

    - Kurumi from Bloomberg Originals Shorts

  • April 2023

    Thanks so much!

    - Kurumi from Bloomberg Originals Shorts

Top Services

  • Fixer

    3 reviews
  • Production Assistant

    2 reviews
  • Field Producer

Top Projects

  • Real Deal/Ruby Roma-The World's Most Expensive Grape in Japan

    • Field Producer

    Working as a local producer (researcher, fixer and coordinating a cameraman) for this auction story in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan where sells 1.2 million grape for a first auction. Channel News Asia followed in depth how this world's most expensive grape has been produced and been appreciated locally as well as underscoring the excitement of auction on site.

  • Millenial Investor

    • Field Producer
    • Line Producer / On-Location

    Researching and fixing a documentary of a Singaporean young investor travelling into E-sports industry in Japan, exploring its potentiality and challenges facing.

  • Becoming human/coding morality

    • Field Producer

    Should a machine know right from wrong? Enlai explores how law, ethics and spirituality shapes artificial intelligence. Enlai visited Japan to explore how some poeple relate themselves emotionally to robbots in their personal level. I fixed this documentary.

  • Hiroshima G7

    • Fixer

    Produced for Bloomberg Originals Shorts on Storyhunter

    April 2023

  • Quicktake SHOOT - Japan Tourism: Kyoto businesses

    • Fixer

    Produced for Bloomberg Originals Shorts on Storyhunter

    June 2022

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  • Production Coordinator / Crewing

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  • Field Producer
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