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Malmö, Sweden

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About Wali

Abdul Wali Arian, I am an award-winning journalist. Having obtained a BA in Journalism from Kabul University in 2007, since 2007 I worked for several large Afghan media houses including Kabul-based TOLO TV, ToloNews – part of MOBY group – and TV1, where my reporting has focused on producing documentaries, investigative reports and features focusing on conflict and politics. I am the recipient of at least four awards for my work as a journalist. Among them, I received the Afghan Journalist Safety Committee’s Elite Journalist Award 2014 for my documentary "Home of war Helmand" reporting on the war in Helmand province. Most recently, I was among 12 journalists awarded a medal of valour by President Ashraf Ghani to mark World Press Freedom Day 2016. I am currently based in Sweden and I work as freelancer journalist.

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  • Reporter / Journalist

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  • News Shooter / Video Journalist

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  • Documentary DP

Top Projects

  • Home of war HELMAND

    • Documentary DP
    • Line Producer / On-Location
    • Reporter / Journalist

    I am the first Afghan journalist who has made a documentary from the battle line in Helmand. It took more than one month to me and my colleague shoot the documentary in Helmand. It was at the end of 2013, when the foreign soldiers for the first time left the responsibilities to the Afghan forces. I have found many reasons of the war in Afghanistan in this documentary.

  • ISIS foreign fighters in Afghanistan

    • Reporter / Journalist

    In this investigative report, I have examined the presence of ISIS foreign terrorists in Afghanistan.

  • Foreign terrorists in Afghanistan

    • Reporter / Journalist

    In this investigative report, I have examined the presence of foreign terrorists in Afghanistan.

  • Kabul' Growing Wealth Gap Revealed

    • Reporter / Journalist

    The big reason for making this short documentary is to show the poverty of the people of Afghanistan. Poverty in Afghanistan is widespread throughout rural and urban areas. The government estimates that 42 per cent of the country's total population lives below the national poverty line. Another 20 per cent of the people live just above that line and are highly vulnerable to the risk of falling into poverty.

  • Reports for VOA Afghan

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Produced for VOA - South and Central Asia on Storyhunter

    August 2023



  • 4K video camera

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