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Sean E.

Kansas City, MO, USA

$400 - $750 / Day

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About Sean

Sean East is a Filmmaker primarily known for his work as a Gaffer. Since starting his career in 2012, he was drawn to the work of a handful of cinematographers that shifted his attention toward the significance of lighting and in 2015, he started down the path of focusing all his time and energy towards understanding and growing in his ability to light for the purpose of setting the intention and enhancing the mood of a story. Due to his experience gained working within Grip and Electric, he has become reputable as a gaffer for his commitment to serving with great ambition and attention to detail in order to make each frame count. Sean strives to be people-centered in his approach to each given project as a means to help establish an atmosphere that is a fun, safe and satisfying experience for everyone involved.

Top Projects

  • A Beautiful and Violent Place

    • Grip

    Short Film

  • A Pity

    • Grip

    Short Film

  • All Creatures Here Below

    • Grip

    Feature Length Film

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