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Tulsa, OK, USA

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About J

Emmy award-winning storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski. Ever the optimistic in all things weather, Jeff's enthusiasm and drive has garnered a record breaking following on Jeff's Twitter Periscope @Jeff_Piotrowski with over ❤︎ 19,793,171 likes and 86,500 followers. Jeff loves to take people on the Journey of a Lifetime and that is what you get when you follow him on Periscope. FOLLOW JEFF ON TWITTER: @JEFF_PIOTROWSKI

Top Services

  • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    1 review
  • Documentary DP

  • Fixer

Top Projects

  • Going into the storm IE tornado or Hurricane

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    I have used 360 video before around storms its very exciting footage it makes people feel that they are the storm chase live.

    Produced for Storyhunter Studios on Storyhunter

    January 2018

  • Storm Chaser goes inside Hurricane Irma

    • Documentary DP

    20/20 asked to me to covering storm chaser Hurricane Irma. Everything that happens when chasing.

  • Chasing the Joplin EF-5 Tornado

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    Kathryn & I chased The Joplin Tornado EF-5 Filmed the tornado. Then stopped and pulled people out of the debris. I was expert storm chaser in over 40 documentaries all over the world. Including the first 3 D shoot of the Joplin Tornado and after math for the UK.

  • Hurricane Harvey - Analyzing Data and Preparing for the Worst - Part 1 of 5

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    Part 1 - "Analyzing Data and Preparing for the Worst" This is Part 1 of a 5 part documentary beginning with video taken about 7:57 am to 9 am when Jeff is sharing with his Periscope Viewers what to expect via the data that is coming in about the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Jeff Piotrowski has chased Hurricanes for 35 years -when he can see the "handwriting on the wall"



  • 4K video camera
  • Full HD video camera
  • Multiple cameras
  • DSLR or equivalent
  • GoPro or equivalent
  • Drone


  • Lighting kit
  • Live streaming equipment

All Services


  • Fixer

Production Support

  • Production Assistant
  • Documentary DP
  • Mobile Journalist / Livestreamer
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist

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