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Gustavo S.

Cedar Park, TX, USA

$30 - $120 / Day

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  • Video Editor - Documentary

  • Sound Mixer



  • DSLR or equivalent


  • Live streaming equipment

About Gustavo

The thought of being able to use my artistic abilities to bring my vision or others through the power of editing is what motivates me every day. I am a grounded, and solution-orientated individual, who is also very curious, creative, and always willing to learn. Projects that excite me are short films, music videos and documentaries. Being a part of the process and working hard towards the finished product is a grand feeling.

Top Projects

  • Chew Before You Swallow

    • Sound Mixer

    A short film, which I worked on as a boom operator, about a peculiar autopsy technician who decides to go on a date. Just when she thought the date was going sideways, she ends up finding out in a terrifying way why he's so interested in what she does for a living.

  • Interview with Reid Marsh

    • Video Editor - Documentary

    A short interview which I produced and edited about a man by the name of Reid Marsh. This was a solo project, everything from recording to editing was done by me with the exception of the acting.

  • Kick to start

    • Video Editor - Documentary

    This is a slice of the life of a man whose passion/pastime is skateboarding. The main character is Gabriel Jacob M, who has been skateboarding for 10 plus years. He talks about his life and how his love for the board came to be. He speaks on struggles throughout his life and how skateboarding has helped him escape from reality and even as far as being so powerful to be the resolution to his problems. A simple heartfelt story about how a passion can be someone's means of circumvention. This was a solo project, everything from recording to editing was done by me except for the acting. It was a project created for a class to see what we could create on very limited resources and time.

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  • Sound Mixer
  • Video Editor - Documentary

Gustavo's Clients

  • Alexander Limy

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