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Carmen C.

Washington, DC, USA

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Over 35 years experience with major event and project planning for television, radio and new media. Propose, manage and coordinate special event programming ideas in all areas of interest to target audience, be they political, economic or cultural. Most recent (2018-2016) projects include: coverage of President Trump’s visit to Helsinki; President Obama’s visit to Cuba; racial disturbances in Charlotte, Dallas and Baltimore; Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S.; the papal conclave in Rome; U.S. Presidential conventions and elections; Summit of the Americas in Peru, Panama and Colombia; and annual United Nations General Assemblies. Coordination includes budget planning, coverage strategy, and logistics. • Contribute to the creative process and programming quality of our division by pitching and helping to execute breaking news, daily original news and feature material for Spanish and Creole television and radio shows, which are consistently recognized as some of the VOA’s premier programs. • Originate programming ideas and advise division managers on changes and improvements for programs as well as future plans for the language services and division as a whole. • Effective and collaborative relationships are built, nurtured and maintained. I was the principal liaison with hundreds of affiliated media outlets in Latin America, including 35 high-ranking Spanish-speaking national networks which brought in over 62 million audience weekly, currently the largest audience in the USAGM. I was also the principal POC with USAGM sister networks and VOA language services, as well as U.S. embassies throughout the region. I developed and manage an extensive network of affiliates via the WhatsApp social media app. It’s been lauded by both affiliate managers and VOA managers as an optimal way to promote VOA programming via our agency’s U.S. model. • Extensive network of contacts inside the U.S. Government, American policy institutes, U.S. and foreign print and broadcast journalists, the foreign diplomatic corps in Washington, and throughout Latin America. Book guests for special events and coverage projects from a wide variety of sectors for radio, television and web for Spanish and Creole services. Guests include high-level spokespersons from a wide range of sources, including world leaders and government officials, the private sector as well as academic, cultural and social institutions. I have booked U.S. Cabinet officials, current and former Latin American presidents.

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  • Senior Producer / Project Manager

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  • TV News Producer

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Top Projects

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    • TV News Producer

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    March 2023

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    • TV News Producer

    Produced for VOA Latin America on Storyhunter

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    • TV News Producer

    Produced for VOA Latin America on Storyhunter

    January 2023

  • Voa Spanish -- Affiliate Reports

    • Senior Producer / Project Manager

    Produced for VOA Latin America on Storyhunter

    December 2022

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  • Field Producer
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  • Documentary DP
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  • Transcriber

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