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Wyncote, PA 19095, USA2 reviews

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រួម (Roum) UNITY " Leo's are natural-born leaders, creative, self-confident, able to achieve anything once committed." I am a first-generation Cambodian-American. I grew up in a very traditional Cambodian family household. During my leisure time, I enjoy traveling, experiencing new cuisines, and spending time with loved ones.

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    IT IS COLD! The Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program want to help you pay for a month's bill. That sounds like money back in your pocket! Find out how you can apply for the cash grant in this video. Questions? Comments? Leave them below. What other topics do you want to see? For any further assistance, reach out to our Family Support Services team. Share this video and help your community save some money and get more heat!

  • We need a Cambodian translator to translate an eight minute interview from Khmer into English

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    Produced for AJPlus on Storyhunter

    October 2021

  • Translation (Khmer)

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    Produced for AJPlus on Storyhunter

    November 2021

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