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Alyson L.

Gainesville, FL, USA

$650 - $650 / Day

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Top Services

  • Corporate Videographer

  • Field Producer

  • Video Editor - Documentary



  • 4K video camera


  • Shotgun mic
  • External recorder


  • Stabilizer

Top Projects

  • Louisiana By and Bye

    • Field Producer
    • Video Editor - Documentary
    • Corporate Videographer

    Off the southeast coast of Louisiana, just over three kilometers north of where Barataria Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico, sits a blip of land called Queen Bess Island. Despite losing nearly 90 percent of its original footprint since the 1950s due to erosion and hurricanes, Queen Bess provides habitat for more than 60 bird species, about 10 of which are nesting colonial waterbirds, including royal terns, tricolored herons, and great egrets. But it’s Louisiana’s state bird, the brown pelican, that makes Queen Bess special. The island, along with two others, supports 70 percent of the brown pelican population in the state; yet without recent restoration efforts, the nesting habitat would have disappeared completely. Using fines from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which decimated millions of creatures in coastal Louisiana more than 10 years ago, the state has been rebuilding barrier islands, starting with Queen Bess Island.

  • Being Michelle

    • Field Producer
    • Corporate Videographer

    BEING MICHELLE is a powerful feature-length documentary film about a deaf woman with autism who survived incarceration and abuse and now uses her artwork to depict the trauma she survived and heal from her past.

  • Seize The Day

    • Corporate Videographer

    SEIZE THE DAY documents the journey of Terah Williams, a 24-year-old woman battling for dignity and autonomy across state borders as she struggles to survive a mysterious neurological disorder causing twenty or more seizures per day. At age 14, Terah’s life abruptly changed at the onset of an illness which restricted her physically and socially. Pulled from school, then hospitalized, she is catapulted into a desperate search for answers in a failed health system.

All Services


  • Senior Producer / Project Manager

Production Support

  • Field Producer
  • Commercial DP
  • Corporate Videographer
  • Documentary DP
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist


  • Video Editor - Documentary

Alyson's Clients

  • Orange Kite Productions

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