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Ivana N.

Belgrade, Serbia3 reviews

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About Ivana

Since my first steps in journalism when I was only twenty, I made thousands of news and featured stories as well as hundreds of documentaries for television and digital media. Working often in very challenging circumstances, delivering high-quality content and successful cooperation with both local and international media professionals. As an author, editor and host, I ran the popular awarded documentary show „Moj Beograd“ (My Belgrade, 2003-2016) which was the trademark of Television Studio B (Belgrade, Serbia). Interviewed hundreds of people for over 300 episodes of this series and had full responsibility for its production. I was also a producer, author, writer, host and occasionally of the miniseries “Moj Beograd i moj Melburn” (My Belgrade and My Melbourne) filmed in Belgrade, Melbourne, and Sydney. It was created with sponsorship from the Embassy of Australia in Serbia. Working for 14 years in broadcast media, I also gained great experience and delivered thousands of news and featured stories. Reporting and hosting as well as writing news and scripts was a major part of my job as well as teamwork and editing. Perfected live shows hosting and video editing in Premier Adobe and other similar programs too. My experience as a founder, editor-in-chief, and Word-Press web developer of Australiana Serba Internet Magazine and production (2016-2019), also proved to be very valuable. I created and produced 21 episodes of the show ‘On the Sunny Side’ which was broadcasted on several TV networks across Serbia for over a year. Also learned to build websites in no time and perfected independently creating content and efficiently juggling numerous responsibilities while running Australiana Serba. Expanded the network of connections across the Globe and established successful cooperation with several professionals and companies in Europe and Australia. Several projects I completed at Serbian Orthodox Church television Hram as a journalist and video editor also proved to be valuable for mastering various skills. Thanks to vast experience in all sorts of broadcast and digital media, I am capable of working with excellence in different fields of journalism. Only for British online newspapers The Focus (2020), I have written various kinds of articles such as news, opinions, comprehensive analysis, and interviews with people from several Balkan countries and the UK. Working with Chinese radio in English China Plus, created audio package from recording interviews to editing in a suitable audio editor. Currently working on the film by British documentarist Joseph Shawyer and other international projects as journalist, fixer, and mentor. As an established journalist who has a lot to say and offer and knows broadcast production from A to Z and how to deliver distinctive content, I am always happy to discover new opportunities and fully use my experience and creative potential.

Top Projects

  • A 2-3 mins audio package for an expert's view towards China's opening up.

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Serbia expects China's further opening up to be beneficial not only for Serbia but also for global economic growth. Experts hope that the growth of economic cooperation with China will make Serbia one of the most attractive investment destinations in Europe. The prospects of the free trade agreement between Serbia and China is also seen as an opportunity to bring traditionally good relations between the two countries to an even higher level and mark a new phase in their cooperation.

    Produced for CGTN Radio on Storyhunter

    November 2022

  • Huo-Yan laboratories contribute to Serbia's health sector

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    A package for the CGTN's radio show Beijing Hour

    Produced for CGTN Radio on Storyhunter

    November 2022

  • Moj Beograd i moj Melburn (My Belgrade and My Melbourne) - broadcasted at TV Studio B (Belgrade, Serbia)

    • Reporter / Journalist

    „Moj Beograd i moj Melburn“ (My Belgrade And My Melbourne) is a special edition of documentary TV series „Moj Beograd“. It is the project created by Ivana Nikolić and brought to life thanks to sponsorship of honour by Embassy of Australia in Serbia and shonsorhips by Air Serbia and Etihad Airways. This miniseries consists of 9 epizodes and it is screened in Melbourne, Sydney, Elaine and Belgrade.

  • Moj Beograd - broadcasted at TV Studio B (Belgrade, Serbia)

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Documentary series “Moj Beograd” (My Belgrade) broadcasted at TV Studio B (Serbia) is dedicated to everyone who love Belgrade. It is a valuable document and mosaic of life in Belgrade made of stories told by artists, scientists, bohemians, doctors, writers, sportsmen, journalists, musicians and other „ordinary“ and „extraordinary“ citizens of this city and other people connected to Belgrade.

  • Running with Tito

    • Fixer

    Produced for Joseph Shawyer on Storyhunter

    September 2019

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