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Grant P.

Austin, TX, USA

$250 - $1500 / Day

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About Grant

Grant is an award winning filmmaker and storyteller based in Austin TX. He earned his Digital Media Certificate through the Austin School of Film. He is the co-founder of Mad Owl Films - a production team with a focus on narrative and documentary film.

Top Services

  • Field Producer

  • Production Company

  • Production Assistant

Top Projects


    • Field Producer

    Field Producer / Production Coordinator | Dell / Alienware Worked closely with line producer / story producers to help coordinate logistics of production. Pickup gear / hero products from Dell, ship remote camera kit to talent, coordinate crafty and meal orders, print call sheets and shot list, day of shoot assist field producer and art department with additional setup needs, help keep shoot moving along in timely manner.

  • Relationship Killer / Oxygen / Texas Crew Productions

    • Field Producer

    Associate Producer | Coordinate and book locations and talent. Help source all props and wardrobe prior to production. Location scout with producers. Pre - dress any set ups night before production days. Help dress and set design multiple setups throughout production. Return any and all wardrobe and props. File receipts and help with any final paperwork or needs from producers.

  • The Heartwood Journey (2022) - Documentary

    • Production Company

    Director / Producer A master treehouse builder and off the grid advocate attempts to rebuild his life after losing his home in a fire. Currently in post production. Hitting the film festival circuit 2022 - Click link for the official intro teaser

  • We're Here Season 2 - HBO

    • Production Assistant

    Production Assistant Pickup rental cars / crew at the airport and also at Longhorn Rental • Transport crew to and from each shoot location • Pickup other Production Assistants when necessary • Pickup craft services and lunch during the Project • Assist with gear loading and unloading during the Project • Ship hard drives • Return all rental cars and gear on time 6/21 – 6/21



  • 4K video camera
  • Drone

All Services


  • Production Company
  • Production Coordinator / Crewing

Production Support

  • Field Producer
  • Production Assistant
  • Corporate Videographer
  • Drone Operator

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