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Johannesburg, South Africa

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About Laura

Laura Lopez Gonzalez is a freelance health reporter and editor based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Lopez has 15 years of experience covering health globally and within Southern Africa, covering health in countries such as Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Lopez has headed up the news desks of half of South Africa’s specialist health reporting outlets. She is a three-time winner of South Africa’s prestigious Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Award. Her work has appeared in publications such as Al Jazeera, The Guardian, El Pais and the UK’s Tribune. She has also researched international health funding flows for the Open Society Foundations and consulted for Doctors Without Borders. Lopez holds a bachelors degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a masters degree from the University of Chicago. She is a member of the US Association of Health Care Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Follow her on Twitter @LLopezGonzalez

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  • On-Air Reporter / Host

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  • Reporter / Journalist

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Top Projects

  • Writer/Photographer: Sudwala Caves

    • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist
    • Reporter / Journalist

    Produced for Atlas Obscura on Storyhunter

    April 2022

  • Injections prove more effective at preventing HIV in women than daily pills

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    For this segment, I summarised the latest research on injectable medication used to prevent HIV infection.

  • skype live at 08G on Vaccınatıon of South Afrıca, Aprıl 26, 2021

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Produced for TRT World News on Storyhunter

    April 2021

  • 12G Skype live with Laura Lopez Gonzalez on COVID-19, March 11, 2021

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Produced for TRT World News on Storyhunter

    March 2021


    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Produced for TRT World News on Storyhunter

    November 2021



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