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Kyiv city, Ukraine

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About Olga

Olga Morkova is a human rights lawyer and a documentary filmmaker. She produced the short film "Stateless" that was presented at the 2014 Fulbright Film Festival in Los Angeles. In 2014 she produced and directed the documentary "Crimea Unveiled" featuring the story of the displaced Crimean Tatar artist.

Top Projects

  • Crimea Unveiled trailer

    • Documentary DP

    In March 2014 Russia occupied Crimea. This caused mass displacement of indigenous Crimean Tatar minority from Crimea to the Ukrainian mainland. "Crimea Unveiled" is the short documentary featuring Crimean Tatar artist fleeing his homeland to save a collection of traditional national art from the Russian invasion.

  • Stateless on Vimeo

  • Vaccinaciya on Vimeo

  • Freyja preface on Vimeo

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