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Mirnes K.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina1 review

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About Mirnes

Mirnes Kovac is a journalist and political analyst from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is the author of the recently published books: The One: One Book For Peace and The Siege of Islam and a regular columnist and commentator on the Middle East and Balkan issues.

Top Projects

  • The trial of Ratko Mladic and the 'banality of evil'

    • Reporter / Journalist

    As the trial of the Butcher of Bosnia comes to a close, genocide denial still thrives. Now some fringe elements are revering war criminals as heroes. Can there be justice for those who have had to wait for more than twenty years?

  • A Crimean Scenario in the Balkans?

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Throughout these recent days when Russia abruptly had been taking the part of Ukraine, the most prominent words and comments we heard from Western leaders were: “We are deeply concerned”! What is following now are “steps and moves”! But what are they in reality? Economic sanctions, blockades or whatever? Do they, actually, have potential to stop this wave? Or, are we witnessing the response of wea

  • Does Europe judge Radovan Karadzic or itself?

    • Reporter / Journalist

    By the trial of Karadzic and his wartime general Ratko Mladic in the ICTY, Europe - knowingly or not - judges its 'establishment' and its incorrect policy of appeasing.

  • The trial of Ratko Mladic and the 'banality of evil

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Produced for TRT World Digital on Storyhunter

    December 2017

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