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Norfolk, VA, USA

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About Cheryl

Cheryl Nelson is a lifestyle TV host, company/product spokesperson, meteorologist and natural disaster preparedness expert - a timely profession in today’s world. Cheryl has appeared on BBC World News, Fox and Friends, the national talk show The Real, The Weather Channel, The AccuWeather Network and CNBC. She also hosted the TV special Get Ready America: The National Hurricane Survival Test which aired in fifty television markets in the United States. Her successful satellite media tours on disaster preparedness and the lifesaving importance of Cummins' standby generators and disaster preparedness kits were seen by millions of people nationwide. Certified by the American Meteorological Society, Cheryl helps save lives by teaching the public how to prepare for extreme weather events - with a focus on family and pet preparedness. Cheryl is a graduate of Penn State University. On a lighter note, Cheryl is the co-host of the popular weekday lifestyle TV show Coast LIVE on WTKR-TV in Norfolk, Virginia. The show covers trending topics, travel, beauty, fashion, cooking, science, pets and celebrity interviews. Actress Katie Holmes, HGTV’s Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott and Olympic Gold gymnast and Dancing with The Stars winner Laurie Hernandez have been some of her guests. Cheryl has also appeared in various commercials and promotional videos. Brains and beauty… Cheryl was crowned Mrs. Virginia International in 2014 and then went on to place in the top 10 at the Mrs. International Pageant. On a personal note, Cheryl is a world traveler and has been to over 30 countries and all 50 U.S. States. Recently, she has traveled to Iceland, Chile and New Zealand.

Top Services

  • On-Air Reporter / Host

Top Projects

  • TV Field Reporter & Broadcast Meteorologist

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Field reporter and broadcast meteorologist Cheryl Nelson reports live for The AccuWeather Network from Hampton Roads, VA about the impacts of Hurricane Florence.

  • Lifestyle TV Host

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Co-host of Coast Live on WTKR-TV in Norfolk, VA, Cheryl explains and demonstrates her top spring allergy life hacks.

  • Lifestyle Expert

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Lifestyle Expert Cheryl Nelson shares her tricks for planning a successful 4th of July Party and tips for staying safe during the fireworks celebrations. She's a gluten-free vegan and shares some delicious treats too!

  • Spokesperson & TV Host

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Cummins' spokesperson and Weather & Preparedness Advisor, Cheryl Nelson shares important tips to prepare for winter storms.

  • On-Air Host & Spokesperson

    • On-Air Reporter / Host

    Cheryl takes you on a tour of a historic property for sale on 12 acres of waterfront property in Virginia.



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  • Live streaming equipment

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Production Support

  • On-Air Reporter / Host


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