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Tracy K.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

$800 - $1200 / Day

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  • Portrait Photographer

  • Documentary DP

  • Senior Producer / Project Manager



  • 4K video camera
  • Multiple cameras


  • External recorder


  • Lighting kit

About Tracy

Rwandan filmmaker and documentary photographer uses her work to explore notions of identity, culture, and conservation. With an academic background in Environmental Science from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, she hopes to use both storytelling and science to document wildlife stories that inspire the preservation of indigenous ecological knowledge in East Africa.

Top Projects

  • Project Restart: Mothering while incarcerated

    • Senior Producer / Project Manager
    • Portrait Photographer
  • The Promise of Butaro District Hospital: Key Facility Meets Growing Demand, Need for Expansion

    • Documentary DP

    In 2011, Butaro District Hospital opened in Rwanda’s Burera District—one of two remaining districts without such a facility—thanks to strong partnership among Inshuti Mu Buzima, as Partners In Health is known locally, the Rwandan government, and the surrounding community. The 150-bed facility provides thousands of people access to primary care and specialized services, such as oncology. Over the past decade, Inshuti Mu Buzima leaders have seen growing demand for the hospital’s quality care and the need to expand. That expansion, which begins in December, will increase available services and resources, improve training for clinicians, and provide a hands-on learning environment for medical students enrolled at PIH-supported University of Global Health Equity, located across the valley from the hospital campus. - Partners In Health

  • Au Rwanda, l’engouement pour les bars à lait

    • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist
    • Portrait Photographer

    REPORTAGELe pays, qui adore le lait sous toutes ses formes, vient de traverser trois mois de pénurie. La production y a explosé en vingt ans, et il existe à Kigali, la capitale, des centaines d’établissements spécialisés.

  • Hijabs and Hoodies

    • Portrait Photographer

    Hijabs & Hoodies is a multi-disciplinary project, a portrait initiative, that questions the dress code for America and the intersection between anti-blackness and Islamophobia. With this series we dissect the intersectionality between race and religion in America and the association of hate crimes between both Black and Muslim communities, specifically Muslim women and Black men. The project includes an exhibition and open studio process. The exhibition includes a photo series of portraits and a video installation. Currently our set of images include old and new portraits from participants in Hartford, CT and Washington DC. Additionally, Hijabs & Hoodies is designed as a open studio where we invite self identifying Muslim women and Black men from the host communities to have their portraits taken in a hijab and hoodie respectively.

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  • Senior Producer / Project Manager

Production Support

  • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Commercial DP
  • Documentary DP
  • Drone Operator


  • Video Editor - Documentary

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