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To Inspire And Empower The World’s Boldest Storytellers Through Community and Technology

Our Mission

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible for our community, our tribe. We create groundbreaking software tools that change the way people create stories. We empower each creator by flattening the world and making collaboration simple, across borders. We understand that storytellers are the drivers of world change. We are here to build the systems they need to thrive.

Revolutionizing Media Since 2012

Our Story

Storyhunter was founded in 2012 by Jaron Gilinsky in Brooklyn, NY. Alex Ragir joined him as co-founder that same year. Storyhunter has grown from an independent network of video journalists to a technology platform serving Fortune 500 brands, media companies, and freelance content professionals worldwide.

In 2015, Storyhunter launched the world’s only unified video production marketplace and creator management platform, which today powers original video and media production across the planet. Storyhunter’s Creator Management Platform organizes creator teams, messaging, project management, online contracts, and global payments in one central dashboard for the world’s leading media companies and brands.

With more than 42,000 active creators and production companies and tens of millions of dollars paid out to creators in more than 190 countries every year, Storyhunter is one of the fastest growing technology companies serving the media and marketing industries.

Leadership Team

  • Jaron Gilinsky
  • Doug Wehmeier
  • Melissa Kandrach
  • Lena Drake
  • Maximillian Schwartz

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