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Tap into the efficiencies and global scale of the Storyhunter community while working directly with world-class executive producers. We’ll respond quickly to any RFP for digital campaigns, including content, strategy, creative and production.

Authentic Storytelling

Full-service production for bespoke native ads, or branded and editorial content for any platform

Digital Campaigns

Full-service content, strategy, and creative solution for digital content campaigns


Scalable, cost-effective post-production solution for native ads, branded videos, or any photo/video project

The only global vetted production crew fulfillment service in the world. Takes the fear and unknown out of hiring outside of your usual production zone.Colleen Davis, Senior Producer, Starbucks

How It Works

Premium Service

Send us your brief, or chat with one of our creative specialists to develop a brief that fits your needs

Hand-Selected Matches

Receive proposals from highly curated executive producers that fit your needs in terms of expertise, budget, rating/reviews and location.

Quality Assured

Storyhunter Studios supports producers to ensure they are working with the best talent, crews and field producers for any job by giving them access to our technology, network and production expertise.

We ended up with high-quality, movie-ready videos. It was an absolutely wonderful experienceKatie Sedat, VP of Marketing, Airfox

World Class Producers

Speed & Scalability

Global Reach

Efficiency & Transparency

Content Services

Helping your company unlock authentic stories at scale

  • Full-Service Digital Campaigns
  • Explainers
  • Branded Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Digital Video Ads
  • Corporate Communications
  • Editorial, Docu-style Videos
  • Post Production
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Event Coverage

Featured Clients

Powering Your Social Media Channel

Verizon needed a consistent stream of original, authentic video stories tailormade for a US Facebook audience, for their Yahoo In the Know channel. Our executive producers create 20 original, ready-for-Facebook videos every month by leveraging Storyhunters vetted network of video storytellers.

  • 6countries
  • 58cities
  • 100+videos
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Create Global Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Johnson & Johnson needed to produce an original digital advertising campaign for a new line of skincare products. Storyhunter Studios’ Executive Producers pitches, conceived, developed and produced the entire campaign, leveraging production teams around the world to ensure cost effectiveness.

  • 3regions
  • 26videos
  • 120adaptions
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Launching A Product With Authentic Stories

For the launch of a new camera phone, Essential needed engaging immersive video stories to showcase the phones 360° video capabilities. We curated and commissioned pitches from 84 VR filmmakers around the world and produced them in 1 months for Essential’s Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • 18countries
  • 84video stories
  • 3videos/day

Creating Premium Destination Videos

Expedia wanted to test out how destination videos and 360 videos would help increase traffic and lead to customer conversion for We created premium destination videos and 360 videos, leveraging the Storyhunter network.

  • 25cities
  • 25destination videos
  • 2week turnaround

All The Videos You Need To Tell Your Brand Story

Airfox, a leading provider of mobile financial services, needed to clearly tell their brand story for their South American launch. We matched them with our specialist in Brazil and created engaging videos that gave a face to their brand.

  • 3client testimonials
  • 1explainer video

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