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Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

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About Billy

I record and design sound for storytellers and interactive media makers. I appreciate patient film making and vérité approaches to sound design. I was the sound director of the Peabody award winning and Emmy nominated interactive documentary HOLLOW. My production venture SLO is the result of an interest in combining natural aural aesthetics and observational film, creating space in media for reflection, activity and critical thought. I’m a classically trained electronic musician and pitched percussionist. I’m also an avid collector of records - ‘50’s cowboy music, old SFX compilations and ‘80’s synth jams being some of my favorites. I’m a fervent Star Trek fan. I love cats, station wagons and my bicycle.

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  • Sound Mixer

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  • Sound Designer

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Top Projects

  • Puerto Rico Post-Production Support

    • Sound Mixer
    • Sound Designer

    Produced for Starbucks Coffee Company on Storyhunter

    August 2021

  • PBS - First Light

    • Sound Mixer

    Credit: Sound Designer || For more information and free learning resources visit First Light is a 13-minute film independently documenting the work of the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the first such task force in US history to investigate issues important to Native Americans.

  • EF -- Athens & The Islands

    • Sound Mixer

    Credit: Boom-op and production sound mixing on multinational trips for EF Tours. Managed 8 channels of wireless for a 3 cam, multitalent, reality/doc shoot.

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock - Imagine a Sustainable Health System

    • Sound Mixer

    Credit: Sound Designer || Nathaniel Hansen | Dartmouth-Hitchcock - Caring about health is more than just an attitude, it's a way of doing things - differently. Imagine what we can do together. Learn more at

  • Hollow: An Interactive Documentary

    • Sound Mixer

    Credit: Sound Director || Hollow is an interactive, participatory documentary that explores post-industrial small-town America through the voices and ideas of people living in McDowell County, W.Va. The immersive, online experience combines video portraits, user-generated content, interactive data, grassroots mapping and soundscapes on an HTML5 site and an accompanying community tool. Hollow, whic



  • DSLR or equivalent


  • External recorder
  • Wireless lavalier mic
  • Shotgun mic

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  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Mixer

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