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Kyle P.

Milwaukee, WI, USA

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About Kyle

I tell public health stories that shape a vision for improving the health of our neighborhoods. Public health has increased human life spans by 25 years in the last decade. This accomplishment was achieved with really simple changes - toilets, clean drinking water, vaccines, seat belts, smoke-free air. So why does this story take a back seat to stories of disease, hospitals, and insurance coverage? Behind each simple public health intervention is a group of invisible public health heroes. Together, they literally changed the trajectory of our lives. I find these storytellers, celebrate them, and add their story to a master narrative of health and wellness. We can make our communities healthier, we've done it, and we will do it again.

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  • Documentary DP

Top Projects

  • Health in Planning

    • Documentary DP

    An overview of a regional planning commission's efforts improve health through active transportation.

  • Navigating the Mental Health Highway

    • Documentary DP

    A story about a team in Eau Claire, Wisconsin's that is making mental health access simpler.

  • Muslim Mental Health

    • Documentary DP

    A story about Muslim immigrants in Wisconsin battling mental health stigma in their own community.

  • Vote (Mostly) Online Explainer

    • Commercial DP

    Explainer video for a new technology app to promote millennial voting access.

  • Sing Forward (music video)

    • Commercial DP

    A custom song and music video created to promote health insurance among Wisconsin musicians.



  • DSLR or equivalent
  • Drone


  • External recorder
  • Shotgun mic

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  • Documentary DP

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