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Houston, TX, USA

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About Lonna

I’m a journalist and a writer. I've got facts when you need them. I'm creative when it counts. I specialize in human-interest stories, long-form nonfiction, magazine writing, profiles and ghostwriting. I speak to the experts, read the reports, analyze the data and make sense of it all. I go beyond the 24-hour news cycle to write stories from the undercurrent. I lead with curiosity and ask what is necessary. The result is a story where the numbers have meaning, the names have faces and the issues are real. From a superstitious mortuary beautician in Harlem, N.Y. to discovering the same under-performing companies win healthcare contracts in Bangladesh, my breadth of work highlights my knack for immersive writing and data journalism. My work has appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, IB Times, Narratively, Houstonia, TakePart and GOOD. As a writer and communications specialist, my expertise and services include professional writing like proposals, presentations, communication plans, marketing and website content, and copy editing. I never turn down an adventure, and most of my travels have been planned on a whim. My latest exploration: Buddhist temples in Shanghai and Hangzhou, China. I have a master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree in Communications Management and Design from Ithaca College. It won’t write itself, so send it my way.

Top Projects

  • Narratively -- Attention Legislators: Gender Transitions Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Journalists like to talk about embedding themselves in a story like it's a string of code to add a video seamlessly. Copy. Paste. Done. I built a relationship with Monique and the conversations we had were not a matter of transactional interviewing but relationship building. I didn't just call the experts. I went to events, listened to the people and showed up to learn, not flaunt my access.

  • Houstonia -- The Art of Curing Cancer

    • Reporter / Journalist

    This story features creative nonfiction. The opening is a fictive overture for the reader to meet Ian Cion, the arts in medicine director at the world’s leading children’s cancer hospital. It's imaginative and informative. I approached the story with journalistic integrity while building in style to parallel the artfulness of Cion’s work. The result is a vivid and playful story wrapped in facts.

  • Houstonia -- The Brain Man of Baylor

    • Reporter / Journalist

    While most stories on David Eagleman begin in his Houston laboratory, you will find that my story begins in his home with his wife and son—a calculated decision on my part to differentiate my story from ledes in the New York Times and The Atlantic. This story demonstrates my ability to problem-solve, prepare, and personalize a story that stands out among other publications and authors.

  • Houstonia -- For Special Needs Students, A Different World

    • Reporter / Journalist

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