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Julie A.

Austin, TX 78704, USA

$300 - $500 / Day

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  • Documentary DP

  • Commercial DP

  • Video Editor - News



  • Multiple cameras


  • Wireless lavalier mic
  • Shotgun mic


  • Lighting kit

About Julie

Julie Almendral is an experienced and versatile film and television producer, having produced multiple documentaries, episodic series, web series, branded content, news segments and docu-dramas over the past 14 years. She has filmed in 11 countries across 6 continents, including diverse communities across the U.S., and has produced content for HBO, PBS, MSNBC, History, A&E, National Geographic, and online platforms. She has a thorough understanding of all aspects of production, and can create and refine systems of organization and processes, lead production crews in the office and in the field, and manage the entire lifetime of a project. Julie’s area of expertise is media for social good. She holds an MBA from Wake Forest University and is currently studying psychology. Her knowledge base enables her to take a strategic approach to storytelling, and to tackle challenging and sensitive subject matter with curiosity and compassion.

Top Projects

  • -- The Inside Story: Major Depression, Chapter 1

    • Documentary DP

    A short documentary featuring one man's experience with Major Depression. Thor Harris, drummer for the band, Swans, takes us on an intimate journey from the depths of despair to a beautiful life filled with love and possibility. Thor shares tips on managing his disorder, and the enriching life lessons he learned through his experience. I produced this episode of a web series for

  • PBS -- Stories of the Mind: Veterans

    • Documentary DP

    This episode on veterans for the 12-part series, Stories of the Mind, features 4 stories of veterans grappling with the invisible wounds of war as they reintegrate into civilian life. PTS, survivor's guilt and a loss of purpose are just a few of the challenges they face. The veterans featured share their honest, hopeful stories that highlight different paths to healing, wellness and recovery.

  • HBO -- Mann v. Ford

    • Documentary DP

    This documentary film features the uphill battle of the Ramapough Indians of Ringwood, NJ to secure a healthy future for their children. Decades after their land was polluted by Ford Motor Company, the community files a toxic tort lawsuit: a true David and Goliath story of environmental racism. I began as Associate Producer and became the Line Producer of this multi-year project.

  • PBS -- Carrier

    • Documentary DP

    This 10-hour series filmed throughout a 6-month deployment aboard the USS Nimitz, chronicles life on U.S.Navy aircraft carrier. From the excitement and danger of the flight deck to interpersonal dramas, Carrier captures the full experience of a deployment aboard this floating city with almost 6,000 residents. I was the Production Manager aboard the ship.

  • MSNBC -- Wounded: The Battle Back Home, Shane: Remember

    • Commercial DP

    Shane is a veteran and an MMA fighter with an inspiring story of strength and hope. With the help of the Wounded Warrior Project, Shane rediscovered his self-worth, and successfully faced the challenges he faced upon return to civilian life.

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Production Support

  • 360 Commercial Video
  • 360 Documentary Video
  • 360 News Video
  • Commercial DP
  • Documentary DP
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist


  • Video Editor - Commercial
  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Video Editor - News

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  • Arcos Films
  • Flow Nonfiction
  • Show of Force

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