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Nizar M.

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About Nizar

Nizar Mohamad is an independent Middle East analyst based in Toronto, Canada who focuses on Syrian and Levantine affairs. His work has appeared in TRT World, The New Arab, Mondoweiss, Atlantic Council, Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy, and the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy. He previously worked on Canada's Syrian refugee project.

Top Projects

  • Syria’s Constitutional Committee: In service of the Assad regime

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Opinion piece arguing the political futility of the Constitutional Committee, the diplomatic body in which the Syrian 'peace process' currently exists. The article ultimately argues that the talks work in favour of the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad by enabling him to create new 'facts on the ground' while endlessly stalling the negotiating process.

  • Can a sham poll save Syria's Bashar al Assad?

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Long feature piece examining the roots of the dysfunctional dynamics of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

  • What the case of Suleiman al Assad tells us about the Syrian conflict

    • Reporter / Journalist

    An op-ed that utilizes the case of Suleiman al-Assad to demonstrate how it represents a microcosm of the Syrian regime, with a heavy emphasis on local politics and security.

  • Is Russia serious about a political solution to the Syrian conflict?

    • Reporter / Journalist

    Op-ed assessing Russia's level of seriousness regarding a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

  • Rami Makhlouf looks to Syria’s Alawites, likens himself to Prophet Moses

    • Reporter / Journalist

    This article argues that fallen Syrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf is utilizing the Alawites as a lost resort in his struggle against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. By dissecting and contextualizing the rhetoric of his increasingly bold statements, the article explores how Makhlouf is exploiting Alawite grievances in order to use the community as a bargaining chip against Assad. Ultimately, it seems as though he aims to offer his silence in exchange for a reversal of the regime's expropriation of his assets, particularly his former telecommunications firm, SyriaTel.

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