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Coreon D.

Luanda, Angola

$2000 - $19000 / Day

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About Coreon

Coréon Dú is an award-winning multi-media artist whose unique perspective and eye for talent recently considered one of Forbes 15 Young Creatives Rebranding Africa and nicknamed by international critics as "Africa´s best kept secret". In the past decade has been steadily building a body in the audiovisual realm as a producer, writer and creative director. Filmography highlights Bangaologia - The Science of Style ( Director / Producer) Award of Merit Special Mention at the 2017 IndieFest Movie Awards Documentary Nominee at the 2017 Athens International Film and Video Festival Best Documentary Nominee at the Warsaw Film Festival Best Documentary Nominee at the London Fashion Film Festival Jikulumessu ( Writer / Producer/Creative Director ) Best Serial Drama Winner of the 2015 Seoul International Drama Awards Best Telenovela Nominee at the 2015 International Emmy Awards Windeck ( Writer / Producer / Creative Director ) Best Telenovela Nominee at the 2013 International Emmy Awards I Love Kuduro ( Producer / Writing/Research) Audience Award at the 2015 Best Photography at the 2014 CINEPORT Festival Njinga - Queen of Angola Winner of Best Actress & Best Make UP 2015 African Movie Academy Awards Platinum Award Winner at the 2014 International Movie Awards ( Indonesia) Nominee for Best Actress & Best Cinematography 2015 Queens World Film Festival

Top Services

  • Creative Director

  • Field Producer

  • Music Composer

Top Projects

  • Windeck

    • Creative Director
    • Field Producer
    • Music Composer

    2013 International Emmy Award Nominated Telenovela that enters into the glamorous and savage world of fashion filled with glamour, love, deception, beauty and ambition. In 2015 it was awarded the Camélia da Liberdade Award in Brazil after being the first African television series broadcast in the South American country.

  • Voo Directo

    • Creative Director
    • Field Producer
    • Music Composer

    A story of four high-flying friends who are trying to find balance between professional achievement, love, and life. Shot between Lisbon and Luanda this project stars Soraia Chaves and Miaceela Reis ( 2007 Miss World Africa and star of the Emmy Nominated telenovela Windeck).

  • I Love Kuduro - From Angola to the World

    • Documentary DP
    • Creative Director
    • Field Producer

    The stories and Stars behind one of Africa´s fastest growing lifestyle movements in music and dance.

  • Njinga - Queen of Angola

    • Creative Director
    • Field Producer

    This 2013 production tells the story of the legendary 17th century African warrior Queen Njinga Mbandi who defied all odds and gender conventions to become the ruler of Ndongo and Matamba.

  • Vontade de Vencer ( Will to Win)

    • Creative Director
    • Field Producer

    Documentary that gets intimate with Angolan born international Pop star Anselmo Ralph. This film was a selection of the 2016 DC Independent Film Festival .



  • Multiple cameras

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