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Top Results

  • Delfina D.

    São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

    $15 - $150 / Day

    Top Services

    • Documentary DP
    • Video Editor - News
    • Video Editor - Documentary

    About Delfina D.

    Brazilian/Portuguese International documentary filmmaker focused on science subjects, experienced in all the steps of low budget productions. DSLR shooter and editor (Adobe Premiere, Avid and FinalCut), I'm always up for following great stories.

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  • Luiz D.

    State of São Paulo, Brazil

    $50 - $200 / Day

    Top Services

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Documentary DP
    • Creative Director

    About Luiz D.

    Journalist and Videomaker. I work in the guerrilla video style. Often in good condition, but most often in adverse situations. I write scripts, direct reports, also go out with the camera in hand recording scenes and testimonials. I love to do audio capture too. I've recorded in dozens of indigenous territories, some spent months living next to them, sleeping in hammocks and having to hunt to eat. I have experience of recording in rivers of the Amazon, in small boats and small airplanes. I also spent two years in northeastern Brazil recording about the social inclusion of underprivileged children through sport. Everything related to documentaries can call me that I can handle it. Direction, recording, editing, whatever and wherever I do.

  • Raphael S.

    São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

    $50 - $600 / Day

    Top Services

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Translator

    About Raphael S.

    Freelancer journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil; 5 years experience on Human Rights on all different platforms: video making, photography, community radio and written reports. Also works with sports, culture and politics. Fluent English and Spanish. Second editor at Correio da Cidadania: *still building the project list.

  • Marilia M.

    São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

    $200 - $600 / Day

    Top Services

    • Senior Producer / Project Manager
    • Mobile Journalist / Livestreamer
    • Reporter / Journalist

    About Marilia M.

    Journalist with +5 years of experience, and a post-graduate certificate in screenwriting for film and TV from UCLA. I currently work as a producer at What If - Portuguese and as a reporter for Brazilian outlets.

  • Mari R.

    São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

    $500 - $1000 / Day

    Top Services

    • Production Company
    • Creative Director
    • Digital Content Creator

    About Mari R.

    Hello, I'm Mari Rossi, from São Paulo, Brazil. I have a film company with my partner Danilo Mantovani called DMMR Filmes (our initials). We produce documentaries, music videos and live streaming. I love to travel producing great shoots and breathtaking views with good histories behind.

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